Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The start of Geosmin

Welcome to my blog that I have so appropriately named Geosmin.....Geosmin is the chemical responsible for the very "earthy" smell of soil after a fresh rain or shortly after a field has been plowed... I love that smell and I really like the name Geosmin. If you want to learn more about this compound you can read about it here. As an environmental chemist I felt this was an appropriate name for my blog...Who knows, I may change the name over time...

I have a couple of reasons for starting a blog. First, I hope to use this blog to keep o
ur friends and family updated on our daily adventures . My wife and I are from the northern midwest (Michigan and Wisconsin, respectfully) and are at times disconnected from our families. I also see this blog as a way to ramble on a variety of topics I think about on a daily basis. Even if no one ever really views this blog I think it is neat to document the events, issues, and general happenings in our lives.

So with all of that, welcome to Geosmin....

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